So, that sucked.

But I’m better now. Really I am. The cough is mostly gone, and I’m managing to work the last of the buildup out of my system. I should be good to go sometime next week.

Which means I need to get serious about finding a job again. Fill out applications and everything. Worksource has a stupid policy that means they won’t help me. Just because I’m living with my dad, his income gets counted when considering my economic status, and apparently, he makes too much. Nevermind that I’m an unemployed 27-year-old. I shouldn’t be relying on my dad for support, and if I am, I’m the very definition of economically challenged.

Alison is still crazy. I still don’t have any idea what to do about it, and it’s still depressing me. But at least I’m getting a lot of Spore played and a lot of TV watched. :P


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