Crazy Weekend

This last weekend was a big one for both the City of Richland, Washington (where I live) and the Crandall Clan (which I am a member of, on my mother’s side.) The former packed two of its biggest tourism events into the weekend. Cool Desert Nights (a classic car show) ran Thursday to Saturday, while Ye Merrie Greenwood Renaissance Faire ran Saturday and Sunday. Meanwhile, the Crandall Clan has its regularly-scheduled reunion the same weekend way up north somewhere. (I slept through most of the trip, so I couldn’t tell you exactly where.)

My mother, one of my brothers and I dropped in on the reunion Saturday, and I was compelled to visit the Ren Faire on Saturday, and while I didn’t attend any of the Cool Desert Nights festivities, its parade got in my way on the way to Karaoke.

    Friday night’s Karaoke setlist:
  • Stacy’s Mom – Fountains of Wayne
  • My Best Friend’s Girl – The Cars
  • One Piece at a time – Johnny Cash
  • Return to Sender – Elvis Presley
  • Blue Monday – Orgy
  • Donald Where’s Your Trousers – Andy Stewart
  • Closing Time – Semisonic

(edit: I originally did this as an ordered list, and it looked right in the editor. Of course, then Xanga “helpfully” “corrected” my HTML code so that it was idiotic nonsense. Not able to figure a way around this, I eventually went to the unordered list. *sigh*)

As you can see, there’s quite a variety there. You never quite know what you’re going to get with me, and I’ve been told I’m quite good. Of course, my trick to that is a good musical background, years of practical experience and actually doing the show stone cold sober. If you ever have the opportunity, you ought to come out to the 3 Margaritas on a Friday night. I’m usually there, and the show’s usually pretty okay.

One Piece at a Time was in honor of Cool Desert Nights — it’s a car song (though a rather strange one) and that’s really how most classic cars have been assembled. The astute will also notice the Cars song in there. That’s actually just a coincidence. I do the Cars all the damn time. I don’t usually do Elvis, but we have an Elvis impersonator who usually comes in, does one song, and then leaves. I’ve taken to following him up with a different Elvis song every time. I’m not a huge Elvis fan, but what this man does is more a mockery than a tribute. We had a couple of kilted “scotsmen” in the bar as well, I assume in preparation for the ren fair, the sixth song (basically a suicide, I’d never heard Andy Stewart’s version of the song before) was for them. One of them even joined me at the mic. The last song I usurped from the hostess because she tried to do the last song herself…it was my turn.

Driving aside (I do find travel quite tiresome, and driving doubly so,) the reunion was pretty fun, I got to catch up with relatives I hadn’t seen in years, including my cool aunt from Alberta, and some of the first cousins I never see. They’re a pretty varied bunch, but there are enough Adventists among them that finding vegetatian fare for the two meals we stayed through wasn’t especially hard. I didn’t bring either swimming trunks or a guitar, but religious tunes aren’t really my thing anyway, and the river was probably quite cold.

To be honest, the Ren Fair now tires me. I was part of the company for three years, and after over a decade in some degree of attendance, I’ve been there and done that and it holds little remaining fascination for me, so I couldn’t really get into it, and I wasn’t really there long enough anyway. If I had the time and the money, I might like to rejoin the company (since acting and especially stage fighting still appeal to me,) and the shopping’s always good at a Ren Faire, but of course, shopping without money is just depressing.

Also, I helped move a piano. The less said about that the better, though it was a lot less troublesome than feared. Having the right equipment and a few strong men always helps.

My final grade on my last run through Calculus (with analytic geometry, not that pansy business calc crap) II was available today, a 2.5. Thank the gods, now I can advance to Calculus (with analytic geometry, not that pansy business calc crap) III. Huzzah.

In EVE politics, we are now under attack from the formerly scrupulously neutral xXDeathXx alliances, and Goonswarm proper. Well, so be it. We killed Red Alliance and we can kill you too. Or we’ll land back in empire, which would probably be more fun than this constant PvP NAPtrain bullshit anyway. Our towers in 3h5 are now in reinforced mode. Joy. But at least that means I don’t have to fuel the bastards.

3 thoughts on “Crazy Weekend

  1. sir_spamalot

    I’ve only ever been to one ren faire and that was scarborough…three times.  Very cool, though I hope to one day find an excuse to see the big texas fest near houston someday.

  2. skiltao

    I doubt I could stay interested in singing long enough to stay sober before getting to the mike, and I’ve been told not to sing while drunk (technically I was told to stop). Like your song picks, though.

    I’ve heard you can’t survive EVE without joining an existing guild- does the game really require that much cooperation or politicking?

  3. BobRichter

    Ah, don’t say “guild.” WoW has guilds, we have “corps” (short for corporations.) It sounds like a different name on the same thing but it really isn’t. Coporations are much more integral to how most people play the game.

    The answer to that is: yes and no. There’s a level of play where it’s 90% politics and staying up late nights to feed these horrible massive tamogatchi things that other people can shoot and kill (towers/POS — which stands for Player Owned Stations, though the other descriptor is fair enough.)

    There are, however, a number of successful independent operators, either in mini-corps they made themselves or as members of the starter-player corporations.

    Small-team cooperation actually works very well if you have a group you can rely on, but you’ll need a large alliance (thousands of people) and some good diplomats/leaders to really survive in nullsec. Even then, sometimes shit happens and you end up in a four-month war that has you playing five hours a night just to ultimately be forced to admit defeat.

    Ah, but it was an epic war, and an epic two-year experience before that. Still trying to decide if that makes it worth it.

    Karaoke, however, is unambiguously worth it. If you’re ever in southeastern Washington State on a Friday, look me up and I’ll show how well you’ll like it. Sober.

    Assuming you’re not a music major. For some reason, they’re real killjoys about karaoke.


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