So, I’ve been officially reinstated as a student at WSU. Yays. For the moment, I’m limited to 6 credit-hours, and they’re giving me dire warnings about this being me Very Last Chance and me having to be certified for my major in a reasonable amount of time…

…which will be hard at 6 credit-hours.

Of course, they’re also recommending that I repeat classes (I need to do this anyway) only that makes funding a huge issue. Last I checked Financial Aid doesn’t pay to repeat classes that you “passed” (This makes Ds actually suck harder than Fs, since a D is useless and means you can’t get further funding, rather than just being useless,) and isn’t inclined to pay for my worthless ass anyway. Obvioously, there’s no way I’m going to get a job and save up the $5000 or so I’d need over the course of the semester in the week I have until it starts.

So this means I’m going to need to find money elsewhere. I really don’t even know where to look though. My local credit union doesn’t handle this sort of thing (significant loans to people without jobs or credit,) and I really don’t know who else to go to.

So the irony is that reinstatement may not even matter. :/



2 thoughts on “Reinstatement

  1. mame_snidely

    Call center work might actually be an option for you, if you can get it. It’s not that hard to do, and the pay sucks, but you can probably plink out a couple k in a year or so if you are careful.

  2. BobRichter

    If you’ll forgive my saying so, it sounds a lot like a non-option. Yes, I suppose I could abandon my educational persuits for now , land some crap job (though that’s harder than it sounds,) and manage to save enough money for a semester over the course of a year, but it wouldn’t really be in my first three choices. 


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