In sickness and in… Karaoke.

My brother dragged something home last week, a nasty chest cold packaged with a good bit of chest congestion. For me, it also came packaged with muscle pain and weakness, though that could have just been from all the coughing (or the attempt to supress it.) I started showing symptoms around Wednesday and by Friday I was pretty miserable. I almost didn’t go to Karaoke.

A little psedudoephedrine hydrochloride and a little ibuprofen combined with the realisation that I could still sing (though I’d have to take it easy) got me through (most of) the night (I got there an hour after the show started) and despite a pair of fairly loud party tables, I got in the following set-list. Or at least, so my flawed, squishy biological brain recalls.

  • Runaway Train — Soul Asylum
  • Friday I’m In Love — The Cure
  • It’s Still Rock And Roll To Me — Billy Joel
  • Stupify — Disturbed

And yes, with the exception of that last one, that all counts as “going easy.” Why yes, I am awesome. Thanks for noticing. :P

I am recovering from the cold. Pretty much down to sniffles, a much milder cough, and a general malaise.

In other news, I managed to miss two appointments with my physician in part because of trying to deal with WSU’s bureacracy. Class (which I’m attending because my Mom swore she’d pay for it somehow and not to worry about it) starts….today, and I still have a class I’m not signed up for because of a stupid university policy that I made a successful run around for which I haven’t finished processing the paperwork. God I love bureacracy!

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