Monthly Archives: February 2006

Been a damn long time. Rushing to catch up on homework again. Alison is in the hospital with an apparently somewhat severe case of mononucleosis. At least, that’s what they /think/ it is. Naturally, all the tests came up negative. :P I’m not doing so hot myself. I have semi-severe flu-like symptoms and an intense pressure/pain in my left ear. This is not fun.

Finally got my diploma from CBC, which makes me as edjumacated as either of my parents. I will not, however, be satisfied with an AA in “I don’t know.” I intend to end with nothing less than a Bachelor’s Degree, perhaps a Master’s.

Warship of the Week is several days late now. In truth, I had nearly forgotten about it in the rush for everything else. Hopefully I’ll be able to make something up tonight between gaming and…more homework.


RadCon Debrief

So, RadCon was kinda fun. Would have been more fun if a few things hadn’t happened, but more on that later.

Played some Battlefield 2. Played some Battletech. Played some Full Thrust. Went to a Heather Alexander concert. Caught up with some people I hadn’t seen in a while. All very good.

Transportation was a mess. One car, two drivers, three people with conflicting demands. Got it mostly worked out but it cost me a lot of Con time, and more gas than it needed to. I hate not having a car.

Taking Alison to Cons is generally a mistake, but if I don’t take her, I don’t end up going. She treats a Con like it’s a date, and we have to go everywhere and do everything together, which would be fine if we both wanted to do the same things, but we rarely do. To make it worse, she can’t seem to keep a schedule. It’s not all her fault, but it is annoying. Naturally, when I go to a Con, I like to hit every gaming block. As long as the gaming room is open, I want to be involved in something. Of course, this means staying up late and getting up early. Unfortunately, since I’m her only means of transportation, I have to stop whatever I’m doing to get her to the Con whenever the hell she feels like waking up. Makes me wish I could afford a hotel room. :P

But there were more problems this year. As I mentioned, Alison’s Asthma or Allergy or Whatever the Hell It Is to cigarette smoke has been getting worse for some time now. Last year we managed with only a minor incident (she passed out in the art room, as it was “a little stuffy.” We took her home and she was fine) and the previous year had been entirely without incident. This year we figured that, with the new anti-smoking laws, we’d have less trouble. Smoke has real trouble travelling 25′, going through a hotel airlock, and infiltrating itself into a building.

Of course, the smokers ignored the law and were allowed to get away with it. As is their habit, and as I should have anticipated, they insisted on standing right outside the door while they smoked. The airlocks had varying degrees of effect, but along about Saturday night when we were trying to go home, the lobby smelled about like a pre-901 bar. Alison, of course, had an attack. She survived, but she doesn’t seem to happy about it. Chest pains, swollen throat, whole nine yards. Had an emergency room check her out, and they gave her a clean bill of health and a prescription for an inhaler (which should help.) Hopefully we can get her to a doctor soon, but I don’t think I’ll be going back to RadCon in the forseeable future.

Which is really sad. RadCon has been one of the few stable things in my life for the past several years. In a way, I had grown to depend on it. Giving it up will be…difficult.

Take THAT, Windows Messenger!

For months now, Windows Messenger had been running at startup, backgrounded, without any indication that it was, except, of course, that it automatically logged me on, and people would message me out of the blue believing that I was actually there.

No More! Finally, I got so irritated with (and suspicious of) the situation that I cast about the internet for solutions to the problem. This is the one I found:

Well, I seem to have survived my Midterms. Now, to find some relaxation before the next big rush of work. Game night’s tonight, but I’m the GM, so that’s no help. Hopefully I’ll be able to go out to Karaoke on Thursday, and hopefully we’ll be able to go to RadCon without Alison keeling over.

Ah, life. Don’t talk to me about life.

So, I skipped class for a perfectly legitimate reason this time — I was required to appear in court on a traffic infraction. :/ The case has been continued so my lawyer can look it over.

Even if I can’t successfully contest the ticket, I should be able to defer it. Wrist still hurts. Still way too much homework. So very tired.

In other news, Gravity wtfpwns Bob. My house is on a slight (~5%, maybe?) grade, which gently slopes down toward the street. This becomes important in a sec, read on.

Anyway, I managed to injure myself Friday in a rather -uh- interesting fashion. As a result of the Valiant’s nonworking alternator, we have been having to recharge its battery from our household electrical system, using a battery charger between trips. Anyway, when I got home from dropping my dad off at work, I managed to run over the negative terminal clamp for the charger.

“No big deal,” thought I, walking back over to the driver’s seat. “I’ll just put it in neutral and let it roll a few feet.” Well, needless to say, a 1971 Plymouth Valiant isn’t exactly a Dodge Colt. It’s a great deal heavier. To compound the problem, I’m a bit of a clutz, and I wasn’t exactly ready for the vehicle not to stop when I put my weight into slowing it. I went for the brake, naturally, and slipped, fell on the ground, and was dragged a few feet before rolling under the open driver’s side door and just letting the car roll on off down the driveway.

Fortunately, it hadn’t collected much speed, and it stopped only a few feet out into the street. I was then able to fire it up, put it in position, and hook it up to the charger.

The only thing wounded, aside of my pride, was my right wrist, which hurts like the devil for some reason. I don’t think it’s broken or sprained. I probably just need to rest it, which, of course, I don’t have time for. *sigh*

I think winter is just bad for me. My work is starting to slip, and I’m just not finding enough time for everything that needs to be done. In the meantime, I just need to recreate more, it’s the only cure I know for my depression. Oh well. Nothing to do but soldier on…